Explore the Future of Security with EB3 2K Standalone Smart Camera: Top 5 Highlights

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The next level of security is with the EB3 2K Standalone Smart Camera by EZVIZ. This innovative battery-powered camera offers cutting-edge features that redefine protection for your home. With crystal clear 2K resolution and hassle-free installation, the EB3 is a must-have solution for families seeking enhanced security.

Crystal Clear Vision Anywhere with EB3 2K Camera

Clearer vision, simpler protection. The EZVIZ EB3 camera is a highly easy-to-use outdoor smart camera with crystal clear 2K resolution and more. Can go anywhere near your home without complex wiring or expensive installation fees. It is a go-to, accessible option for any family that needs an extra layer of protection.

Unmatched Battery Life and Easy Charging

A reliable smart battery camera you can set and forget. The EB3 2k camera is equipped with a 5200 mAh rechargeable battery, the EB3 2k camera only asks you to recharge it every 120 days to keep it running. Always anxious about the battery level? You can purchase an EZVIZ solar panel³ to keep the camera powered forever. No base station is needed. No wiring is required.

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Customizable Voice Alerts and Smart Integration

Stay informed with Customizable Voice Alerts and seamless integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The EB3 Standalone Security Camera adds an extra layer of convenience to your smart home setup, allowing you to receive updates and control your security camera smartly.

EB3 Standalone Security Camera

Comprehensive Security Features for Peace of Mind

Experience Smart Human Motion Detection, Color Night Vision, Weatherproof Design, Active Defense with Siren and Strobe Light, and Two-Way Talk with the EB3. This standalone camera is a battery-powered smart security camera that is a complete package that ensures your home is protected day and night, rain or shine.

Data Security and Privacy You Can Trust

Never miss a moment with safe, flexible storage options. Secure your recorded moments on a local microSD card of up to 256GB, or enjoy extra data protection by subscribing to EZVIZ Cloud Play for fully encrypted cloud storage. We protect your data and privacy Your data security and privacy make up the cornerstone of every product we design. Data transmission between the EB3 and the EZVIZ Cloud is encrypted from end to end. Only you have the keys to decrypt your data.

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Incorporating the EB3 2K Standalone Smart Camera into your security setup means embracing the future of home protection. With advanced features, long-lasting battery life, and a commitment to data security, EZVIZ ensures you have the tools to safeguard what matters most. Enjoy peace of mind and stay connected to your home at all times with this exceptional innovative camera solution. Elevate your security game with the EB3 smart camera and experience the difference it brings to your daily life.

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