Home Security with the Power of Motion Sensors by EZVIZ

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Detect, React, Protect: Unleashing the Power of Motion Sensors for Enhanced Home Security

Welcome to the world of home security reimagined with EZVIZ and its revolutionary motion sensors. The power to detect, react, and protect your home is now at your fingertips. EZVIZ's cutting-edge technology unleashes the potential of motion sensors, taking security to new heights. You can ensure complete peace of mind with seamless integration into your smart home and intuitive controls via the EZVIZ App. In this article, we will explore EZVIZ's top-of-the-line motion sensor products, including the T1C PIR Motion Sensor, T10C Water Leak Sensor, and T151C Temperature & Humidity Sensor. Let's embark on a journey to fortify your home's security like never before.

1. Full Coverage with the T1C PIR Motion Sensor

Discover unrivaled home protection with the EZVIZ T1C PIR Motion Sensor. This exceptional motion sensor provides comprehensive coverage, leaving no corner unchecked. Its 360-degree adjustable installation ensures that even the trickiest spots are secured against intrusions and worried about false alerts from pets. With the T1C's pet-triggered alert avoidance feature, you can bid farewell to unnecessary notifications.

Pair your T1C Motion Sensor with EZVIZ cameras via the Home Gateway and the EZVIZ App for unparalleled synergy. Witness enhanced protection as the sensor's intelligence communicates seamlessly with your cameras. The T1C's energy-efficient design boasts an impressive battery life of up to 2 years in energy-saving mode or up to 1 year in a high-performance way. Embrace the power of the T1C PIR Motion Sensor and experience a new level of home security.

 PIR Motion Sensor


2. Safeguard Against Water Damage with the T10C Water Leak Sensor

Water leaks can cause significant damage to your home, but with the EZVIZ T10C Water Leak Sensor, you can thwart potential disasters. This intelligent water detection sensor keeps a vigilant eye on the areas that matter most. Whether it's a loose faucet, a broken pipe, or a leaky washing machine, the T10C ensures timely detection and alerts you before catastrophe strikes.

The T10C's smart integration lets you stay informed about potential leaks even before arriving home. With a remarkable battery life of up to 365 days, rest assured that your home remains safeguarded throughout the year. Embrace the proactive approach to water leak detectors and experience the peace of mind that comes with the EZVIZ T10C Water Leak Sensor.

Water Detection Sensor

Unraveling the Power of Infrared Sensors and Door Sensors

Explore the wonders of infrared sensors and door sensors, combining efficiency and innovation in home security. EZVIZ's infrared sensors provide advanced motion detection capabilities, ensuring your home stays under constant vigilance. Door sensors alert you instantly when an entry point is breached, leaving no room for compromise. Welcome to a world where every movement is detected, and every entrance is guarded, all thanks to EZVIZ's state-of-the-art sensors.

4. Comfort and Convenience with the T51C Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Experience the ultimate comfort with the EZVIZ T51C Temperature & Humidity Sensor. Whether you have little ones or family members with specific environmental needs, this two-in-one thermometer and hygrometer provide real-time insights into your home's conditions. Stay informed with instant mobile notifications whenever there's a sudden change.

The T51C's sleek and user-friendly design effortlessly complements your home's aesthetics, while its long-lasting performance ensures year-round peace of mind. Take control of your indoor environment and ensure maximum comfort for your loved ones with the EZVIZ T51C Temperature & Humidity Sensor


5. Enhanced Security with Motion Sensors

Reinforce your home security with EZVIZ's exceptional motion sensors. The power of motion sensors extends beyond simple detection; it empowers you with the ability to control and monitor your surroundings efficiently. From motion sensor switches to infrared motion sensors, EZVIZ offers an array of cutting-edge solutions to suit your unique needs. Experience the convenience of automated systems that react promptly to any motion, keeping your home safe and secure.


Elevate your home security to unparalleled heights with EZVIZ's innovative motion sensor solutions. From the T1C PIR Motion Sensor, providing complete coverage with intelligent pet-triggered alert avoidance, to the T10C Water Leak Sensor, safeguarding your home against potential water damage, and the T151C Temperature & Humidity Sensor, ensuring optimal comfort for your loved ones – EZVIZ has redefined the standards of home security. With advanced infrared and door sensors, you can rest assured that every movement is detected, leaving no room for compromise. Embrace the future of home protection with EZVIZ and unleash the power of motion sensors.


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